Accounting for Plastic Surgeons

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Working with a CPA firm that has an understanding of the inner workings of a medical practice is essential to the success of your business. At Custom Accounting CPA, we are an indispensable asset to plastic surgeons because we’ve worked with many surgical practices just like yours. Our experience means that we'll offer powerful tax strategies and effective practice management solutions to meet the unique needs of your practice. We'll help you save money on taxes, acquire medical equipment, secure loan financing, organize your accounting, and in the process free up more time for you to devote to your clients.

When you team up with us, we'll become your trusted business advisor and tax planner. We'll show you how to keep your practice lean and profitable by eliminating unnecessary expenses and limiting tax liabilities. You can count on us to create a proactive tax strategy that will take advantage of every deduction possible and ensure you never pay more in taxes than current regulations require.  

CPA Accounting For Plastic Surgeons

Tax Planning and Coaching

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