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Your accounting system is the central nervous system of your business. It should provide the metrics and feedback to properly assess the condition and vitality of your organization. Successful businesses have solid accounting systems to help with compliance and internal controls, reduce risk, and to serve as a foundation for tax and business planning.

We believe that our outsourced CFO service will deliver a net benefit to your company.

The Brian Setzler CPA Firm LLC specializes in financial management for businesses including CFO services, business management services and financial management consulting. We have a broad range of experience helping businesses, small and large, handle financial and organizational challenges, make sound business decisions, and become more profitable.

We specialize in helping successful businesses that have been underserved by their current accounting/finance team. We also help new businesses get on the right track and existing businesses that aspire to be highly successful. Our goal is to help you grow and to optimize profits. Working with our firm, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a qualified accountant and financial executive is overseeing your finances with the utmost attention to detail, accuracy and business improvement strategies.

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The Difference Working with Brian Setzler CPA

I have been a business advisor for nearly 30 years. As a CPA, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a wide range of business of different sizes, in different industries, and at different stages of their development. I have started businesses, acquired business, and been through exit transactions. I’ve been hired by others to be the CEO, Sales Manager, and Business Manager at various times. I love business and I love collaborating with and helping others be successful.

It has been my experience that most businesses are underserved by their accounting/finance team and the specialized expertise we can deliver, when fully engaged. This problem is caused by two primary reasons: The hourly billing model and an over-booked CPA.

By shifting our revenue model to a fee-based structure we align our interest to deliver the services you need in in a cost-effective manner. You will know the price of a service or project before we begin so you’ll be in complete control.

By limiting the number of active customers, we’re able to focus so we can deliver results that can drive a very significant ROI.

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